About Us

"The art of lighting is about creating a cultural exchange"
Yvette Linton-Smith Director & Founder
At Art of Lighting we consider lighting an art form and art as an influence on the lighting industry. Sourcing lighting that embodies this concept. Ensuring the artisan approach in the hand craftmanship and manufacturing quality of the final products selected.
Yvette Linton-Smith Founder and Director of Art of Lighting personally curated the lighting selected. Yvette has studied her Masters in Visual Arts and Illumination. Art of Lighting has brought together her parallel careers in lighting design and specification and as a professional artist with interesting results.Believing in the collaboration of art and technology, combining hand blown glass with LED luminaires, artists with manufacturers and architects with lighting companies will produce innovative design.
By encouraging a cultural exchange by hosting the Yellow Dot Art Gallery and a feature lighting designer in the Lighting Gallery Art of Lighting is building and highlighting the relationships between the industries of lighting, art, architecture, Interior design and current technologies.